Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hemp, You Don't Smoke It

Hemp is becoming quite popular for sewing.  Some people may think it may be toxic but it isn't.  It actually is a very eco-friendly fiber.  It can grow in many climates, quite rapidly and requires little water.  It also is a weed suppressor.  It replenishes the soil around it and cleans the toxins from the ground.  Fabric wise, it is quite similar to linen with the exception that it does not wrinkle as easily.  It is a plain weave and can shrink significantly. It looks like canvas with a slubby appearance.  It also is quite versatile coming in different weights.
hemp knit from 
55% hemp/35% organic cotton

PROS- easy to sew with, softens with each wash

CONS- can fray

Everybody is getting on the hemp train, even Martha Stewart.  Lion Brand knitting company is now carrying a cotton/hemp yarn in a worsted weight in 20 colors and it is being licensed under Martha's brand. Being a worsted weight and eco-friendly it is perfect for baby gifts, washcloths and towels.

Looking to buy something made already with hemp? Check out Patagonia.  They have a wide selection for men and women.

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