Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Sewing Classes coming up!

The new year is well under way and I will be teaching a variety of new classes.
I also teach private lessons in Park Slope, Soho and Chelsea. Email me for more info on those.

available for purchase  Cover Me Apron

INTRO TO SEWING: Adjustable Apron
Feb 6th, 13th, 20th
6 to 8 pm
at Purl Soho
$150 for 6 hours
Learn to use the sewing machine and make an adjustable apron.
Pre-wash your fabric before your first class.
Find more info here.

Call or email Purl Soho to register or 212-420-8796

Hand Stitching Techniques: Bunny Hand Puppets 
2 hour workshop

I made these last Easter for my nieces, they absolutely adored them. Learn hand sewing techniques in this class while making a Bunny Hand Puppet.  These little tricks will help you sew buttons on properly, repair minor tears, and you will leave with some cute friends.

March 22nd
5 to 7
at Purl Soho
Click here for more info


This is an intermediate class, some basic sewing knowledge required.  You will be making a cozy throw blanket or give as a great baby gift.
Feb 27th and March 6th
6:30 to 8:30
at Purl Soho
click here for more info

INTRO TO SEW: Liberty Scarf

Learn the basics of the sewing machine and make yourself a beautiful Spring Scarf using Liberty of London Fabrics.
April 24th and May 1st
6:30 to 8:30
at Purl Soho
click here for more info

NEWBORN KIMONO: One day workshop

Since I am expecting a baby in June I should start building up inventory of clothing. I love this little kimono and it is a perfect beginner project. No prior experience needed.
You will learn machine sewing and some hand sewing tricks.
April 7th
12 to 5
a one day work shop!
Click here for more info

For all classes at Purl Soho you can call or email to register.

And if you have any questions on the supply list or class descriptions feel free to email me at OR

Please pre-wash all fabric before your first class. This is very important, you will find out why in class!

Thanks and have a great day!

Monday, January 21, 2013

5 things A New Sewing Student Should Have

Happy Monday! It's quite cold here in New York City and this past weekend at work (Purl Soho) we were very busy! I usually work in fabric land and during the winter yarn is usually busy but this past weekend we were non stop cutting fabric and advising people on all of their sewing projects.  It was exciting to see that in this chilly weather people are sewing up quilts and dresses for themselves or kids.  This past weekend I also had a second sewing class with a new student named Lily, she is 10 years old and amazing!  Lily received a sewing machine for Christmas and she is picking up the skill very quickly.  Speaking with so many newbie sewers this weekend I realized how many people who don't take a class are unaware of all the useful sewing utensils.  So to start the week here are five pretty awesome sewing supplies to make your life easier!

1. Measuring tape -  a good one. What's a good one? Buy one that won't stretch over time. Tapes come in paper and woven fabric.  Also sometimes there will be a brass tab on the end, this I find annoying because it covers up the measurement. But that's just me.  I do find useful to have inches on one side and centimeters on the other.

2. Sewing gauge - Recently I started using these and love them! They are the best way to make sure your seam allowance is perfect all the way across.  I also find my students like them as much as I do.  There is a slider on this little ruler so can you butt it up right next to your seam. 

3. Tailors chalk - I've tried all sorts of pencils for sewing but I always go back to tailor's chalk or my new fave toy, the Chaco. Tailor's chalk is used for tracing your patterns and penciling in where you need to sew. I find many pencils don't transfer to fabric, don't come off when you steam them and the lead breaks easily.  The Chaco by Clover, has this cool little wheel on it.  The chalk comes out as you wheel your lines along. 

4. Pin Cushion - an easy way to keep your pins tidy.  You can buy a magnetic one or a cute stuffed one from etsy.
Magnetic Pin Caddy from Purl Soho
Needle Felted pin cushion on etsy

5. Good scissors - I always tell my students, invest in a decent pair when you first start sewing and don't cut paper with them, ever.  It dulls the edge.  Once you become a sewing fanatic I recommend buying a rotary cutter or a lovely pair of ginghers.
Tailor's shears are good for cutting our fabric on flat surfaces.  A favorite store in the garment district is Steinlauf and Stoller. Check out their awesome collection of shears. 

What are your favorite sewing supplies?
Do you have a fave pair of scissors?

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Color of the year, Emerald!

picture from Pantone LLC

Every year Pantone comes out with a new color of the year.  Many industries follow Pantone; fashion, housewares, beauty, auto and home. How do they choose a color?  Pantone, based in New Jersey, researches globally for color influences.  People may assume they look at fashion but they look at all industries; entertainment, films, hot art, trending celebrities, hot travel spots, the economy, technology and the environment. Color of growth, harmony, balance, prosperity and renewal. Many countries have chosen green as a color to represent unity.

 So will we be seeing green in the beauty industry?  The color emerald works with all eye colors. It brings out the hazel in green, intensifies brown eyes, compliments blue eyes and enhances green eyes. It also is perfect complement to all shades of pink. Sephora is partnering with Pantone and launching an Emerald collection in March of this year.

How about for the home?
Having moved into a new home that my husband and I purchased we are doing alot of painting!  Our downstairs bathroom is yet to be painted and I have been wanting to do some sort of shade of green. I have been leaning towards a green glass color or a sea green.  But after reading about emerald I am now considering maybe trying a more jewel tone shade to create a luxurious feel.

green selection from Benjamin Moore

Caterpillar by Behr - LOVE!

While I was swimming around the Internet looking for emerald and green inspiration items I found the most fun blog and if you are soon to be painting your home you might want to check it out. The above 3 photos I found at Favorite Paint Colors blog.

What do you think of emerald as color of the year? You in love?
Would you paint a room green? Too much?

Happy New Year!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings, New Knitting!

Happy New Year! I have to say I've had the worst cold in my life and motivating to the computer has been pretty rough however I made it! 14 days into the New Year.....
The past few years I stopped making resolutions on New Years and instead would make them on my birthday in September, the beginning of my new year.  However, this past year I saw something on tv that stuck with me.  Most people of course end up not sticking with their resolutions, but it is still a great way to start fresh and make promises to better oneself.  So I decided to make some resolutions.  Now is the hard part, being realistic.

Why blog about resolutions?  Well one of them is to try and finish what I start.  Not wanting to fail I sometimes don't finish things.  Knitting projects.  I've been knitting off and on for 10 years.  I learned when I started designing sweaters at Columbia Sportswear.  It was a great reason to take knitting classes so I can learn gauge.  This past December I signed up for a Herringbone Cowl class at Purl.  I didn't realize it was an advanced knitting course.  It's been difficult, to say the least. I have always had problems with understanding the knit stitches.  I've worked on it slowly.  In between I have knitted 2 hats for gifts.  The herringbone cowl I find to be a tough project, the yarn which I love is slippery and the stitch is backwards. All in all, it hasn't been pleasurable. But I decided I should keep up with it.  Also Sophia, the teacher and a friend, has been encouraging.  So resolution one,  finish my projects.

This is what I hope to accomplish.

It's so buttery beautiful! Picture taken from the Purl Bee

Do you do resolutions? What are some of yours?
Should I give myself a goal of trying to create 5 resolutions?