Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decorate, 1000 design ideas for every room in your home

So I just received a new book in the mail before it is even available to the public in the US (yes I need to mention that part).  It's called Decorate by Holly Becker, who writes the blog decor8,  and Joanna Copestick, acclaimed lifestyle writer.
I have been following Holly's  blog for a few years and it always leads me to inspirational pieces and discovering new designers and places.  When I learned she was working on a book I was so excited and it is finally here! Well it is out in the UK, if you are in the US you can pre-order thru Chronicle Books.

Now I am not the decorator of my household, my fiance definitely has me one up in this area, which is ok by me. He is much better at it. However, I strive to be better at it and also to create a creative work space in my studio.  I sat down with my new book and a homemade latte and looked at every page. Yes, I looked at all the pictures first,  I will continue to read it for ideas and inspiration. 

If you are bored with your place and are looking to add some attitude to your abode or some spice to your space, pick up the book. Holly and Joanna provide lots of tips with great photos, it will make you want to turn your drab pad into a fab pad. Check lists, line plans and plenty of ideas fill the book for a diy makeover.  Interior designers and decorating experts such as Jonathan Adler and Amy Butler share their knowledge. Amy Butler designs fabulous prints that are licensed out for great cotton fabrics. Love her stuff! And we all know Jonathan Adler, he has a great store right up the street from me.

Congratulations Holly and Joanna on a great book. Another piece of inspiration I can add to my collection.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New to crafts?

Has all this knitting and crocheting on the subway made you a tad jealous? Hearing about craft parties and friends taking sewing class make you inspired? Why not take up a craft? The one thing I tell my 101 students is not to get frustrated, it's suppose to be fun. March is National Craft Month and you can start a craft without spending the bank.

Go to  15% off knitting and crocheting supplies.  

Classes in NYC? 3rdward has a great crochet workshop 3rdward in Brooklyn or check out Lion Brands intro classses, right in Chelsea.

Scrapbooking? this is a fun and memory keep craft. Check out for supplies on sale and to get started or

Ok so you are not a crafter but love crafts? Check out etsy to buy one of a kind and beautiful gifts, crocheted items for sale on etsy.

Look at this cute baby sweater, perfect gift for that spring baby.

OR look how cute this doll is -

So don't be intimated by Craft Month. Check out your local meet up groups, or ask at your local yarn or fabric store about classes. Enjoy!