Monday, June 20, 2011

Sewing classes 101 and 102- my student's projects

This past weekend I wrapped up 2 of the sewing classes I teach at 3rdward. Both classes were filled with interesting and eager students. Saturday's class was Sewing 101. I teach them how to make a grocery bag- one sided or reversible or they can make a cafe apron.  It's always interesting to see how many aprons will be sewn and how many bags. In this class it was split pretty evenly. Most people do finish the first project and start on the second one before the 3 session class ends.
This was very cool fabric, it was a poly mix and had a very breezy quality.

I loved the royal blue waistband. It totally pops out with the striped fabric.

Sewing 102 ended on Sunday. Mostly girls with our one guy Noel. Noel took my 101, he picked up sewing with no problem and worked on a very cool black denim messenger bag. All the ladies did the A Line skirt, denim was the most popular chosen fabric. This was a great group of people. I don't think anyone wanted the class to end, including me.

Charlotte added 2 5 point pockets to her's.

Sarah added an angled flap 5 point pocket

darts in the back
Students are so hard on themselves. They don't realise not only did they learn how to use a sewing machine, they made something!

More photos here

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Martha Stewart may be for sale!

Interesting article on NPR. Martha Stewart Omnimedia may be for sale. I have been looking for a career sign. I am not a money person, those who know me will laugh at that. However, it is amazing she made some $43 mil last year on her products but still lost $10 mil. Tough business.