Monday, April 30, 2012

The domestic bug is biting: Pillow Decor

We are moved into our new home but are far from being settled. I can't wait to have a free day and spend unpacking....if that will ever happen. In the mean time I am seeing pillows in every home magazine I look at. And as we packed up our old place we realized we do have alot of pillows but we couldn't throw any of them away and believe me, Andy loves to clear clutter. Pillows are a great, inexpensive way to change the feel of a room.

New way to remember that last vacation on Stitchagram. Have your photos imprinted onto a throw pillow.

Create your own pillow on Stitchagram

Mix and match ideas from Apartment Therapy. When doing this try to stick to a few colors or one motif. 

mix and match 

from Miss Eva Diva Designs on etsy

Wiener Dog Dachshund Pillow - Doxie and Owl's Day at the Park

from Persnickety Pelican on etsy

Or add monogramming to your pillow

Monogram Pillow from  Lil and Gaines on etsy

My friend Kayte has been settled into her place for about a year now and she is adding some color by learning to make pillows. Kayte is a beginner sewer and made these pillows with no problem. She is using 3 different fabrics on 4 pillows. We still have 2 more to sew but here is what they look like so far. 

This is one pillow with 2 different fabrics. The linen fabric with pink berries will be used on all 4 pillows. The 3rd fabric is from the same collection at the aqua fabric. She chose a white vintage button from my collection to be the closure. The pillow size is 16 x 16. 

Will post the final pics as soon as Kayte and I finish them....hopefully this summer! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now teaching at Purl Soho

Many of you know I started working at Purl Soho.  Purl is a wonderful and inspirational fabric and yarn shop in the Soho section of NYC.

If you haven't been and you are a designer, sewer, crafter or knitter you need to come by. Beautiful fabrics, gorgeous yarns and it's like being in a candy store.

Well starting on May 8th you can find your's truly teaching the Intro to Sewing class. I will be teaching the Unisex Adjustable Apron. This is a perfect 101 project. In this class you will learn how to use the machine and make an adjustable apron. Perfect for Father's Day or those upcoming bbq's. 

So call the store at (212) 420-8798 or or click here for more info.   The class runs Tuesday evenings May 8th, 15th and 22nd from 6:30 to 8:30 at the store.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The deal is done, signatures signed and keys handed over!

Well we are officially home owners! My husband and I closed on our new place in Brooklyn yesterday and cannot wait to move in! We will be in Park Slope which is close to the city so I can still ride my bike. I am looking forward to starting my new garden like right now!   Lots going on here, next week we move but before that I have some big news. On Monday I will be on the Martha Stewart show. Well now I am not sure if I will be on but I have been invited along with some other NY Etsy sellers for a special show about selling on Etsy. I will be sitting with some members from my craft designer group formerly the Newnew now called Etsy NY Team. I am so excited!!

We are asked to bring an item which I had a hard time deciding. I think it will be best if I bring an apron but I can't decide on which one. I am still working on some of them but here are some options. Can you please help me?
I am not feeling strongly toward any of them probably just because I am a tad nervous.

The Apple Apron

Chef's Half Apron

Worker's Measure waist apron

Betty Apron

Back to sewing, lots more aprons to make this weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Your weekly color fix: COLOR BLOCK

Sophie Theallet, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger

Color blocking in my mind is definitely a trend and by trend I mean the true meaning, it comes and goes, kinda like the Bill Cosby sweater you know the era. What's nice about a trend coming back is that it takes a little bit from each period it was popular. Today's color blocking has that late 50's mod feel and that 80's pop feel. Being a professional menswear designer I do sometimes immediately picture a polo shirt when I hear color block but color block for Spring and Summer 2012 is transformed into chic A line dresses,  mix and match your top and bottom, fun cool pieced pillows, blue plate special hellloooO! 

From etsy shop onefortynine

From Pipit at Anthropologie

You don't have to just wear your color blocking. Bring it on into your living space. 

From CB2

Martha Stewart Living April 2012

Martha Stewart Living April 2012

Pillows are a super easy way to brighten up your space. And if you are a sewer you can easily make pillow covers or new curtains. I am loving the color blocked shower curtain in Martha this month. Since we are moving in 2 weeks this does inspire me to make a color blocked curtain. Even if you are a beginner sewer you can make this and Martha's team gives easy directions right here.

I found this DIY piece on Apartment Therapy. A color blocked clothing rack. When you live in NYC you don't always have closets. 

So pull out the sewing machine, the RIT dye or the spray paint and get to work!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do you tango? Tangerine Tango

So back in December the Pantone Inc released their 2012 color of the year, Tangerine Tango. 

It's April and have you seen TT anywhere? That's tangerine tango not Tracey Toole. :)  One of the things in design school I thought was so interesting was the History of Apparel Design. I actually did a few Independent Studies on these subjects. I found it fascinating how clothing, styles, design elements and colors are all effected by economy, global affairs, politics and trends. Late 2008 the recession hit, the color for 2010 was a nice calm blue. 2011 was honeysuckle. Colors that are vibrant lift confidence and boost energy. Look at the colors of the last 4 years next to each other. 

So 2012 is Tangerine Tango. Recession is "over". I put that in quotes because that is what we are told. None the less, some jobs are popping up and basically people are feeling more confident. That is what this color says.


Crate and Barrel loving the orange couch!

Crate and Barrel orange kitchen bench, love this!

and this fabric which I just bought and I'm thinking of making a  grocery tote in.
Forgot your measuring tape for class? No need to worry with this fabric.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Parade NYC Style

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Many cities have Easter parades and of course New York City has one like no one else. I wasn't sure what to write about in today's blog until I saw this morning on NY1, our local news channel, pictures from the parade. I thought I have to share some of these pics with my blog. This parade is not really organized. It's more like everyone is welcome and you show off your Easter outfit or your Easter bonnets.  It dates back to the 1800's so people had an event to go to after church. It runs along 5th ave from East 49th to East 57th so it lands almost at the bottom of Central Park.


Beautiful floral arrangement! 

pictures from and

Not sure which one is my favorite. Maybe the eggshell hats!
Do you have a favorite? 
Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Neons and guest post.

This morning I posted my first write up for the Newnew Team of NYC's blog.  Newnew is a group of artisans, designers and crafters in New York City.  I decided to write about neons. They are back from the 80's and are much more cooler. Maybe I thought they were cool back then, honestly I don't remember. But this season I am in love with the neon pink!
So I thought I would share this post with you, click here to go to the Newnew's Blog.
Below are a few photos from the post.

The Fluoro from Cambridge Bag

Etsy tote

Mettler neon thread

Profound Magazine

Hope you enjoy!