Friday, April 20, 2012

The deal is done, signatures signed and keys handed over!

Well we are officially home owners! My husband and I closed on our new place in Brooklyn yesterday and cannot wait to move in! We will be in Park Slope which is close to the city so I can still ride my bike. I am looking forward to starting my new garden like right now!   Lots going on here, next week we move but before that I have some big news. On Monday I will be on the Martha Stewart show. Well now I am not sure if I will be on but I have been invited along with some other NY Etsy sellers for a special show about selling on Etsy. I will be sitting with some members from my craft designer group formerly the Newnew now called Etsy NY Team. I am so excited!!

We are asked to bring an item which I had a hard time deciding. I think it will be best if I bring an apron but I can't decide on which one. I am still working on some of them but here are some options. Can you please help me?
I am not feeling strongly toward any of them probably just because I am a tad nervous.

The Apple Apron

Chef's Half Apron

Worker's Measure waist apron

Betty Apron

Back to sewing, lots more aprons to make this weekend!

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