Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New to crafts?

Has all this knitting and crocheting on the subway made you a tad jealous? Hearing about craft parties and friends taking sewing class make you inspired? Why not take up a craft? The one thing I tell my 101 students is not to get frustrated, it's suppose to be fun. March is National Craft Month and you can start a craft without spending the bank.

Go to  15% off knitting and crocheting supplies.  

Classes in NYC? 3rdward has a great crochet workshop 3rdward in Brooklyn or check out Lion Brands intro classses, right in Chelsea.

Scrapbooking? this is a fun and memory keep craft. Check out for supplies on sale and to get started or

Ok so you are not a crafter but love crafts? Check out etsy to buy one of a kind and beautiful gifts, crocheted items for sale on etsy.

Look at this cute baby sweater, perfect gift for that spring baby.

OR look how cute this doll is -

So don't be intimated by Craft Month. Check out your local meet up groups, or ask at your local yarn or fabric store about classes. Enjoy!

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