Thursday, January 17, 2013

Color of the year, Emerald!

picture from Pantone LLC

Every year Pantone comes out with a new color of the year.  Many industries follow Pantone; fashion, housewares, beauty, auto and home. How do they choose a color?  Pantone, based in New Jersey, researches globally for color influences.  People may assume they look at fashion but they look at all industries; entertainment, films, hot art, trending celebrities, hot travel spots, the economy, technology and the environment. Color of growth, harmony, balance, prosperity and renewal. Many countries have chosen green as a color to represent unity.

 So will we be seeing green in the beauty industry?  The color emerald works with all eye colors. It brings out the hazel in green, intensifies brown eyes, compliments blue eyes and enhances green eyes. It also is perfect complement to all shades of pink. Sephora is partnering with Pantone and launching an Emerald collection in March of this year.

How about for the home?
Having moved into a new home that my husband and I purchased we are doing alot of painting!  Our downstairs bathroom is yet to be painted and I have been wanting to do some sort of shade of green. I have been leaning towards a green glass color or a sea green.  But after reading about emerald I am now considering maybe trying a more jewel tone shade to create a luxurious feel.

green selection from Benjamin Moore

Caterpillar by Behr - LOVE!

While I was swimming around the Internet looking for emerald and green inspiration items I found the most fun blog and if you are soon to be painting your home you might want to check it out. The above 3 photos I found at Favorite Paint Colors blog.

What do you think of emerald as color of the year? You in love?
Would you paint a room green? Too much?

Happy New Year!

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