Monday, February 24, 2014

Definition a Day - Quilting Cotton

A beautiful fat quarter bundle from fabricmade on Etsy

Happy Monday! At first I thought quilting cotton is self explanatory but not every sewist knows what it is.  So we are starting off the week nice and easy.  Quilting cotton is a cotton woven in a light to medium weight that is a plain, tight weave and usually a bit stiff.  You won't find quilting cotton in a school textile book but you will find it in the books available to the public.  What's my point? It's really not a technical term but you should know it.   It creases nicely when you iron it.  It washes well and holds up over time.  It is heavier than a lawn or voile.  Since it is a bit stiff, not stiff like canvas, it isn't great for clothing although you certainly can use it for clothing.  It can be used for placemats, napkins and totes. 

Cloth napkins from my etsy shop

Pros for the quilting cotton? There is moderate shrinkage and it is easy to sew with.  I always have my beginner students use quilting cotton for their projects.  And there is so much to choose from!

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