Saturday, February 8, 2014

Definition a Day - Tweed

Tweed girls coat from J. Crew

Tweed is a fantastic fabric that just says fall and prep school.  You know when you see a tweed because it will have little flecks of color in it.

houndstooth tweed
Most tweeds are wool but you can find blends, usually with silk which gives it a lovely drape and makes the fabric lighter weight.  Characteristically tweed is a medium to heavy weight wool.   Most tweeds are in a twill weave, that diagonal weave which is what makes it durable.  Tweeds come in many different patterns.  Ok what does that mean?  It means the coloring of the yarns.  For example there is herringbone, plaid or houndstooth.
houndstooth tweed Vans (photo from
Here is a fabulous pink and white tweed that is currently being sold at Mood Fabrics in NYC.
It is by Marc Jacobs.  I can so see myself in a sheath dress made with this fabric.  This tweed is made of wool, cottton and polyamide.  See how the yarns in the fabric are large and thin?  This is going to make it a loose weave but give it a very cool slubby look.  This isn't a traditional tweed but the non orderly way it is colored is what is making it a tweed.

 Tweeds are easy to sew with, flexible and durable.  Therefore they are often used in sport coats, skirts and outerwear. 
Have you sewn with a tweed before? Did you like it?  I have never sewn with a tweed before but I would love to hear what others think about it.

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