Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Buckram - a Super Versatile Fabric

From Fiber and Pixels 

Buckram is so incredibly versatile.  You can use it for book covers, as a stabilizer in bags or purses and also in hats!  Three very different uses.  So what is it and where does it come from? Buckram is a spun yarn fabric converted from cheesecloth grey goods with adhesives.  It is a fabric that will stand up on it's own which makes it perfect for book covers and millinery purposes.  It has an open weave and is very heavy.  It is found in the drapery section of a store usually because it has a fourth use! It can be used as an interlining to stiffen pinch-pleated window treatment fabrics.

I have used buckram as a lining in many of my totes. It does come as a fusible which makes it fantastic as a lining.


Have you ever used buckram? I cannot believe how many uses this fabric has.  I cannot think of any other fabrics that can be utilized for so many different items.

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