Friday, February 14, 2014

Acetate - it melts.

taffeta fabric 100% acetate from

Let me start off with saying a negative with acetate is if you catch on fire it will melt against your skin! Ouch! I wish it could melt the snow and ice on our sidewalks.  Every hardware store in our area has sold out of ice melt.  Ok now that  that is out of the way acetate can be a fantastic fabric!  It is made from wood pulp cellulose so it is animal friendly.  It is soft, lovely and drapes beautifully!  It looks similar to satin but doesn't cost as much. And it is one of the fabrics that can come as a knit or a woven.

Acetate Tulip Dress from

Great fabric for outdoor wear because when it gets wet it dries quickly.  Also it is used in wedding dresses.  Wow from outerwear to formal wear. Amazing!

If you are ever on Jeopardy and are asked what fabric was originally used to make film and is considered very eco-friendly, this is it.

Wrinkle resistant and somewhat easy to sew with.

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