Friday, February 21, 2014

Definition a Day - Bamboo -Not so Eco

Most of us know what bamboo fabric is. And what is fantastic is that you can find it in yarn and fabric shops and it is so luxuriously soft.  However we hear bamboo and we think "oh great, natural, good for the environment etc"....  Not so true.  Because of all the processing bamboo is not so eco friendly.
Bamboo is made from the pulp of bamboo grass.  There is a lot of processing and chemicals involved to get the pulp into usable fabric.  With that said....
There are so many wonderful aspects of bamboo; it wicks, it takes dye very well, the fibers are highly absorbent, it is very soft.  In the winter it insulates and in the summer it cools.  It also has anti-bacterial qualities.  Bamboo can be found in the outdoor industry, the active industry and the ready to wear industry.

Habu Textiles, which is based in NYC, makes a beautiful bamboo yarn.  I would love a shawl or a dress made from this.  It is the most beautiful shade of white and very, very soft.

As a fabric, bamboo is woven in a plain weave and is a light to medium weight.  It is easy to sew with and has minimal shrinkage.

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