Monday, February 10, 2014

Definition a Day - Voile

printed voile blouse found on pinterest from Le Chateau

Ok first thing is first, Happy Monday! It snowed here again in NYC. Only a few inches though.  Yesterday at work I was telling a co-worker about my definition a day blog posts and he suggested I definitely define voile.  AND point out that this fabric can be pronounced two ways.  So Keith, thank you for the suggestion.  Voile, it can be pronounced like foil and the French would pronounce it vwyal (like wall).  

Voile is usually found being 100% cotton but can be found in blends.  It is sheer and a low count, plain weave fabric.  It comes from the French word veil.  It is great for curtain linings or curtains, also great for lingerie.   It is soft but crisp so has a lovely drape.  This is because the yarns used to weave it have a hard or voile twist.

PROS- easy to sew with, nice drape, breathable and breezy
CONS - wrinkles easily, shrinks

Voile from

Here is a beautiful photo example of voile, the sheerness of it.

Voile via pinterest
Loving these voile pants in seafoam green.  These pants are by the brand Hard Tail and are made with a double layer of voile.  Perfect for hot climates.

Voile pants by Hard Tail at Nordstrom
Have you ever sewn with voile? I haven't but I am thinking of maybe making a pair of pants similar to the ones above by Hard Tail.   You can find more voile photos here on my pinterest board for fabrics.

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