Monday, February 17, 2014

Definition a Day - Drill

drill fabric
I have never heard of drill fabric.  As I was looking thru my book of fabrics I stumbled upon drill in the woven section.   It is extremely similar to canvas or duck.  And appropriately named, it is a fabric mostly seen in a utilitarian use.  It usually comes unbleached or colored.  It is a very durable twill and medium to heavyweight.  And 100% cotton. What makes it so strong?  It is the way the twill is woven, it is called a warp-faced twill.  See in the above picture the ridges are slanted?  This is the weave and the warp yarns are creating this slant.  One of the contributing factors is that the yarn is woven so close to the surface and at a diagonal.

Most famously is the Dickies Company that uses drill fabric.  Many of us are familiar with these coveralls.  Well they are made of twill fabric which is actually drill.

Dickies Painter Coveralls that uses drill fabric

I have to say I am so surprised I have never heard of this fabric. Especially since I have designed some mens workwear.  Learn something new every day right?!

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