Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Definition a Day - Cotton Flannel

Flannels from my stash after being washed.

With all of this cold weather and more snow coming to NYC and most of the country I can't help but wear wool sweaters and flannel shirts.  Which brings me to today's definition, flannel.  There are two types of flannel.  Here in the US when we say flannel we think of cotton flannel. However, across the Atlantic, especially the UK, flannel is used for wool flannel and flannelette for cotton flannel.

So cotton flannel is a medium weight plain weave or twill weave brushed or napped fabric.  Usually we see it in plaid yarn dyes but also comes in solids and lots of fun prints.   As you can see I have some in my fabric stash.  These ones I bought to make Harper some bibs and pants.

Great for shirts, skirts, sheets and blankets. Easy to sew with.

PROS- soft and warm

CONS- frays easily, shrinks more than regular cotton wovens

From Fifth and Brannan      

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