Friday, February 7, 2014

Definition a Day: Fashion Week Fabrics- Brocade

Brocade jacket and skirt Michael Kors via
Fashion week began in NYC yesterday so I thought I would give a definition of a fabric being seen on the runway by Michael Kors.  Brocade - a woven fabric usually made with colored silks.  It can come in polyester or acrylic as well therefore being cost efficient.  It is woven on a jacquard loom which is basically weaving a design as it is made.  Brocades are nice to use in skirts, pants and even totes.  Also seen being used in upholstery, wedding gowns and costumes.  Comes in medium to heavy weight.
 an African inspired Brocade from
Michael Kors from

Here is a cute brocade in polyester from Mood Fabrics .  And if you aren't local to NYC you can order swatches thru

Now for the pros and cons.

PROS - available in synthetics so can be affordable, looks luxurious, minimal shrinkage, patterns can be ornate or subtle.  Another pro in my opinion you can use the face or back side of fabric.  Since the design is woven it looks pretty on both sides!
CONS - can fray easily so here's a tip use wider seams and finish them with a serger or pinking shears

Have you ever sewn with a brocade? Do you think you might try it out? If not why not? 

I would love to hear what you think of the fabric.

Have a great weekend!

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