Thursday, June 28, 2012

Help Indra and her kittens

"my meowey ears r itchy"

I received an email that 11 moms and babies were going to be put to sleep at the NYC Animal Care and Control. It made me extremely sad, I used to own a rescue group. I found a foster (thanks Kayte) and a rescue group to to pull them from me. A public person cannot pull from death row. I said save whoever most likely won't be saved. Indra and 5 babies were delivered to Kayte 2 weeks ago. Indra is a beautiful egyptian mau/tabby mix, petite and 2 years old.

4 of the 5 are her babies but the 5th is Nevil who she took under her wing. Her 4 babies all look alike. Kayte had the smart idea of putting collars on them so we can identify them. Kayte is a wonderful foster, she has spent about $100 on food so far, moms and kittens eat like crazy, she gives the kitties little mani/pedi's and gives each one cuddle time.

We had a rough patch last weekend. Little Red contracted upper respiratory while in the shelter and she had a bad case of conjunctivitis. I watched it all weekend but by Monday I felt she needed to see a vet.

Little Red's eye after 3 days of treatment. 

She was put on medication for her eye and also treated for ear mites. Her mom, brothers and sisters also have ear mites. Unfortunately the rescue group cannot afford to have the rest of the clan in to the vet to be seen so we can get them the ear mite meds.

The meds will cost $53.00 per cat per dose (hopefully they will not need more than one round). There will also be a charge for each kitten to be examined by the vet.

I am trying to raise money to pay for the kitties' meds. Ear mites can cause permanent ear canal damage and is very uncomfortable for a cat, scratchy and irritating.
Who wants scratchy ears!

Thank you for whatever you can give and these kitties are also up for adoption! Contact me for more info.

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