Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do it Yourself - Painting

I think the greys here look great with Homer's tail color.
Shore, Silver Sage, Lt Silver Sage,  Gravel (the darkest)
My husband and I recently purchased our first home. We made the big move from Manhattan to the big island of Brooklyn. It is a brand new place in a brownstone built in 1897. I love that aspect. There is lots of work to be done which can be bittersweet, fun yet stressful.  I plan to track our work and progress on my blog here.  There are going to be lots of DIY from ceiling to floor.  My husband, Andy, and I like opposites of everything.  Where he likes subtle, I like bright. This is chapter 1, painting.

Bedroom room. Shore from Restoration Hardware or Sidewalk Grey from Benjamin Moore
I really want sea foam ish color for the bathroom en suite.
Living room. Light Silver Sage, China Blue, Hydrangea Blue.

Walls are an off white color. We are working on the living room first which is an open design with the kitchen and eating area. 

bad burnt pumpkin color above the fire place.

Lots of space to cover but Andy loves to paint!

And one more picture for fun. Homer being a good boy. 

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