Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooking and Eating Organic - RoostBlog

I've discovered a new blog with enticing recipes and beautiful pictures, RoostBlog, more importantly the beautiful pictures. Boy does this make me hungry. Great way to start a summer weekend!

Caitlin,who writes the blog, has a husband who has Crohn's Disease. A few years ago she eliminated gluten, grains, sugar, lactose and starch from their diets.  Her husband is medicine free and doing awesome. She started this blog to inspire organic cooking. She is doing a pretty darn good job. Her profession? A photo stylist, no wonder the pics are so lovely.

Raw tacos with melon and avocado

Strawberry cake with swiss meringue icing

Vanilla ice cream with summer berries

I think I may be trying some of these recipes this weekend,

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