Monday, July 2, 2012

Menswear Spring 2013

Jil Sanders, Frida Giannini for Gucci and Missoni

Last week in Milan the Menswear 2013 shows have been happening. Being a menswear designer I always enjoy checking out the latest designs. Menswear is not as popular as womenswear and many menswear designers do not even do shows in NYC anymore. Also menswear is much more fashionable in Europe and Australia. I'm not talking about mansy pansy but European clothes are always more detailed, designed and chic without looking feminine.

My sister Cindy lived in Roma for over 5 years. She was not a fashionista and even she noticed how clothing is much more detailed and cared for. Thought is put into every aspect.

This past Thursday in the NY Times style section there were a few articles on the shows. The one that I can't stop thinking about is how menswear has gone back to basics. Clean, sophisticated, classic looks with some pop. Jil Sanders who left her company some time ago, has come back and her new line is amazing!
I remember reading about her leaving her company and coming back to it. I thought how hard must it be to come back and it must have been so bad that she gave it up. And I was genuinely happy to hear she was back at her company. I love what Guy Trebay, the author of this article says regarding Jil Sanders: "...hard working fabrics in shapes that were deceptively simple, proportioned and detailed with a precision few designers could match".

Love this cardigan by Ms.Sanders. 

Many designers for Spring 2013 have gone with basic clothing, clean lines, proportioned correctly and stylish. Some have chosen to add pop colors. Now if you are a non fashionista or a regular guy don't be turned off by the runway pics. Remember this is for show. Look at the elements; the shorts by Missoni, blue woven shirt by Neil Barrett, great basics by Band of Outsiders. 
Neil Barrett
Nautical influences seen in Band of Outsiders.

And another fave of mine Thom Browne. His Spring 13 just made me smile.

I love whales.

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