Friday, July 6, 2012

Watermelon - a tasty fruit and fantastic color!

Tuesday at work, at Purl, I designed a bundle of half yard pieces of fabric to sell.
6 half yards go into each bundle. And when designing them it gets tricky and challenging when you get to the fifth and sixth fabrics. Today we were cutting the bundles and putting them together. I realised I Love this bundle! I may even buy it.

from left to right
quilter's linen, remix in green, yuwa honeycomb dots, raindrops on poseys, pink quilter's linen, watermelon slices

 I love not only the watermelon print from Robert Kaufman but each piece makes me feel summer happy. Watermelon colored polka dots, bright neon pink and neon green quilter's linen and lime green gradient remix from Kaufman. I just wanted to get home to my studio and start working; mix and match set of napkins? Or a patchwork table cloth for a bbq?  A little girl's dress? A summer picnic quilt? The possibilities are endless!

What would you create?

One last note- check out this watermelon yarn from Madeline Tosh.

Madeline Tosh light in espadrille - while I was winding this for a customer  I thought  "this should be called watermelon".

Yummm....Want some watermelon items? I must have been in  a watermelon mood yesterday. Here is my Ode to the Watermelon on etsy for the Etsy NY Team.
Happy Friday!

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