Friday, April 11, 2014

Pocket Square News, The Winner is.....

The winner for the new pocket square design has been chosen.  Thank you to everyone who voted! It will be the Xanthe Sunbeam in red.  This colorway is from the 2013 collection. You may have seen it in J.Crew in a woman's shirt.

These Tansy flowers were hand painted and drawn using pencils and inks.  Inspired by the landscape that surrounds Abbey Garden on Tresco.   These cheerful red flowers have a stylish 50's look.  The center of the flower is a navy blue.

The winner of the new pocket square is Jenn from Firelight Jewelry.  If you didn't win, there is still a way you can have some sunbeam for yourself.  Visit my etsy shop.  If you are interested in ordering a large quantity for a wedding please drop me an email


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