Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kitchen Inspirations

This past Sunday I prepared an Easter brunch.  I realized how my kitchen is lacking in a few things.  Nothing makes cooking easier and more enjoyable than good quality and fun kitchen utensils.

I am loving the purple and aqua spatulas here. 

Silicone spatulas on Food52

Ceramic spoons from Cor Pottery on Etsy
I met Cor, the above spoon artist, recently in Park Slope at the Co-op Grocery.  She is such a lovely woman and her spoons are amazing.  The colors are eye catching and mesmerizing. I purchased some of her spoons and will be using them in my apron photographs.

Biscuit maker on Food52

I am tempted to make some biscuits just so I can try out this biscuit maker.

I love going to flea markets but sometimes in NYC you just can't find a deal or what you are looking for.  Etsy is only a click away.  I own one whisk.  I feel like when I use it, I need to use it immediately again and will then need to wash it.  I know, woe is me.  But why not buy another one?  Look at this beauty.

Vintage whisk on etsy 

The above whisk is from a shop on Etsy called Lovintagefinds.  The shop is wonderfully curated and has some really amazingly, beautiful items.  I could do some serious damage here.

I have been wanting one of these since I made my wedding registry 2 years ago, 3 years ago.  Mainly for making guacamole.

mortar and pestle from lovintagefinds on etsy

These are the things that Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma imitate.  Nothing comes close to the real, authentic original.

Do you have any favorite kitchen items? Ones you can't live without?  Ones on your wish list?


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