Monday, March 26, 2012

Mod Mad Men Style

Mad Men is finally back after a long 17 months. It was great to spend 2 hours with Don, Peggy, Joan and the rest of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce. Of course the story lines were fantastic! The year is 1966, and the clothes were looking great, neon pop colors, shift dresses and very cool aviator sunglasses.  Many styles that can be worn today.  My favorite dress that I would definitely wear is actually one of Peggy's dresses, without the buttoned to the neck look.

Ignore the cigarette in front of the baby's face and check out Joan's dress.  The print has a tie dye look and I love the wide low neck line with black piping. 

I went thru etsy last night and put together my own list of Mad Men inspired favorites. It's great to see that there is a huge selection of womens custom dresses to choose from. 

Hope you enjoy this treasury list.
Here are a few faves. 
Do you have any favorite characters or outfits?

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  1. Nice one Tracey, the styling on that show is impeccable!