Monday, March 12, 2012

Love of Liberty... Fabrics

Happy Monday! It is beautiful in NYC today, high 60's. Spring is in the air and I am feeling invigorated and ready to start planting my garden. But more of that later, in the mean time there is still a slight crisp in the air and I've come up with a new design, well not that earth shattering new, but an old favorite being revamped. The scarf bandanna. I mentioned last week or so that I made a large scarf bandanna for a colleague at Purl Soho.  Also, Shag, a store in Brooklyn who sells some of my items has requested some bandannas. They are the perfect, chic solution to this in between weather.
I've decided to use Liberty of London.
I'm becoming addicted to Liberty of London Fabrics.  They are known for little ditsy flower prints and beautiful soft cotton fabrics. In the past few years their designs are becoming more brilliant and beautiful. The fabric feels likes silk but it is 100% cotton, fine cotton.


Rich in history going back to 1875 and based out of London, Liberty puts you in the mood for being in England, having a garden party or sewing something up.  As a designer I admire the prints so much, you can see the talent and beauty in each one. Little flowers that aren't flowers but rather stars.

I picked up 2 new fabrics at Purl my new place of work. Of course it was hard to choose but I think with these ones I will be making a double sided bandanna.

I used a neon pink thread for the top stitching. 

So the bandanna is double sided and keeps my neck warm in the 40 to 70 degree temps. Also doubling as a head scarf.
I wore it to work yesterday and am on the fence of whether to keep it double sided. I think I probably will but also make some more that are single sided. I already have a single sided on which I do like alot.  These are easy to make, just a 19" square. That's all you need with this luxury fabric. Do you have any thoughts on single or double sided?
If you don't feel like making one stay tuned, I will be selling these beauties in my etsy shop!

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to get these babies into SHAG!!