Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter has arrived....time for neck warmers

Winter has arrived here in NYC. Today has been a blistery, cold day and all I wanted to do was lay under a blanket, watch the Closer that I dvr'd and crochet. As I was walking home from the subway, wishing I had my neck warmer on I also thought that this is a great project to share.
I started crocheting last year and really enjoy it over knitting. However I am finding this year I do like the look of knitting. But in this post I wanted to share with you this quick neck warmer that takes me about an hour.
I found it in the Crochet Essentials Book from Lion Brand

The size needle is a speed hook 35.
I find that monochromatic yarns do look best. And this neck warmer is made with acrylic (to keep the shape), cotton and wool for warmth, and rayon (that's the added softness).
I have included a few colors I have done to show you the difference in between one color and 2 to 3 color. Some of these are available in my etsy shop if you did want to purchase one.

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