Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knit, Purl, Crochet

Wow I am shocked I haven't posted anything for the new year! Well after Christmas, my niece gave me the wonderful gift of a cold. It was vicious. 3 weeks of no voice, coughing, sneezing well you get the point. I am SO HAPPY to be back to normal. I have fallen behind on everything! Don't you just hate that? Late in getting the Christmas decorations down, behind on custom orders, and the office an absolute fabric mess. Well I have so much catching up to do. How has your 2012 been so far?

Color Block Warmer
I want to share with you today this treasury I put together on etsy. My friend Elaine has already purchased a pair of the dragon slippers. Before I give you the link if you don't know what a treasury is I will tell you.  It is a grouping of an etsy member's picks from other shops. Many non crafters don't realise how long and how much passion goes into knitting and crocheting. Many of you also know that this past December I started working at Purl Soho. A lovely fabric and yarn shop in the Soho section of NYC. Working here I see so many knitters and crocheters. It has made me appreciate the craft much more. I decided to create a treasury of knitted and crocheted items called Knit, Purl, Crochet. Purl is the opposite of a knit stitch. In this group there is something for everyone, baby, kid, woman, man and pet! I hope you enjoy and maybe buy one of these one of a kind made with love items.
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