Saturday, January 21, 2012

Regular Guy guy ain't regular!

I have mentioned in the past,a few weeks ago, that I was knitting a scarf and hat for my husband using Madeline Tosh Merino. Awesome soft yarn that I bought from Purl Soho where I work part time. Being a designer and sewer and working at Purl I get to see (and drool) at all the new fabulous fabrics that arrive daily.  I also get to learn way more about yarns, knitting and crocheting. I'm such an amateur hobbyist when it comes knitting and crocheting. To be safe I stick to knit purl knit purl and that's it. Last year, 2010, I tried a hat for Christmas. Ooh so bad. This year I knitted a hat that was to be a skull cap, beanie, is there a difference?  I found this  free pattern on Ravelry.  The hat was finished by Christmas Day but was much too big and long, especially since my husband has no hair to fill the hat. It was like meant for someone with very long dreadlocks.

Today I finally finished the second try. Not perfect but I am so happy it's done.
The scarf I also messed up but I was so far along that when I brought it to work at Purl
and Faye recommended I take it apart.  I really did not want to do that. What I did was knit the whole thing...I should just follow a pattern next time.
The second suggestion was blocking it. So I blocked it and it is still curling a little but hubby is happy with it. (or he is a good liar).

Any comments? Feel free to post, would love to hear.

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