Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Holiday Wreath - Under $30

Living in NYC, like most things, Christmas Trees and wreathes are over priced.  Last year I purchased a wreath, coughing up $30. It was painful knowing that I can easily make one if I had access to the key ingredient, the branches.  This year I used the ole' noggin and decided to make one. Also just to point out, last year after we gave our building staff their bonuses, we were told that the wreath on the door is a fire hazard.  This year I decided I will refuse to take it down. 

On to the creation. I picked up this grape vine wreath at Michael's for about $6. I was going to make a Thanksgiving Autumnal wreath for my sister but that never happened.

Here is my handy assistant Homer observing the process.  When we purchased our tree I saved the branches they cut off on the bottom. I also saved the branches we had to trim to get the tree into the stand. I used my floral garden cutters for this.  I then used basic twine to tie the branches onto the wreath. I wanted to use green floral wire but I couldn't find it in my stash. 

The twine actually worked quite well. Here is a photo of it where it barely can be seen. Good job blending in with the branches.
 I had a decorative red berry branch garland I purchased last year post- Christmas sales. I used this to wrap around the wreath. I was going to add pine cones that were purchased at Michaels for $4.00 a bag but I felt the berry wreath was enough. If you decided to add pine cones you can hot glue or attach them with the twine. I purchased purple ribbon ($2.00) at Michael's pre Thanksgiving to use for gift and wine bags. I used this to hang from the door. It has a nice gold trim so adds a bit of shimmer to the wreath. All in all I spent about $10.00!
Wreath is still hanging and no notices from my building staff.

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