Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Under $25 Gift Guide

A little under 2 weeks before Christmas, can you believe it? How time flies. End of another year and the economy still isn't that great. So in this post I decided to do an Under $25 Gift ideas all thru etsy. Buy local. Not only do you support our US local economy, but also you are not supporting sweat shops over seas. And a bonus, most likely you are getting one of a kind and handmade item by talented artisans and crafters.  

I typed in Under 25 on etsy and one of the first thing I found is this cute french clip pouch. 

change purse by AnOrangeBlossomBag

Little Necessities artwork by TamaraGarvey     

City Kitty Tee by BigBridgeStudios  

Hippo playing a violin note cards by HansMyHedgehog   

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