Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Selvedge - A Publication

I wanted to share a new magazine I have discovered that I am reading cover to cover.  It is called selvedge.  My background as a designer, I mainly focused on woven fabrics.  I find myself still being drawn to wovens over knits.  Selvedge is the finished edge of a fabric, it is the part that is pinned down onto the loom while it is being woven.  Selvedge, the magazine, comes from London.  It is filled with articles of forgotten crafts, artists and designers bringing quality back to the art of design and making it local again.  Now the magazine isn't just for someone in the trade, any crafter will enjoy this mag for it's inspiration, fun how to's  (how to make a pre-tied bow tie) or special articles on different crafters (in the latest issue we learn about Lobster Pot Maker Nigel Legge from Cornwall).

Nigel the lobster man and lobster pot maker.
Picture taken from Selvedge Magazine
Although the magazine is based out of London and there are many British companies and crafters featured, they also include global crafting.  In Issue 51, March and April 2013, there is an article about Namibia, the history and the traditional patchwork dresses the Herero women wear.  The history of the Herero women dates back to an awful war with German colonial forces.  However, the Herero women have added their color, style and unique headdress to make them their own.  They are now a symbol of pride and status.

Picture from Selvedge Magazine

The last article I want to call out is "Maine Line".  It is an article about numerous communities in Maine with creative entrepreneurs.  I don't want to spoil it for you so I will just give you a little info.  It covers sea bags, linens, textiles, blankets from merino and much more. This article makes me want to move to Maine!  And the illustrations in the magazine are just simple and gorgeous!
If you have the opportunity definitely pick up a hard copy or visit their website here.

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