Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garden Inspiration from Etsy

With the warm weather here, all us gardeners are just itching to get outside.  Now that I live in Brooklyn, I have a back yard!  I love it. I love being outdoors, working in the sun, it's quite quiet where I live which is surprising being so close to the city.  Last year was our first year here so we didn't renovate the back yard.  I planted vegetables and flowers in beds. This year we are having some landscaping help so I am not planting anything quite yet. However I still can window shop for garden inspirations.  Here are some things that I am liking on etsy these days.

Terracotta planters

Modern Ceramic Planters

Watering Can

Garden Stakes

Garden Tortoise

Buddha Dog

Garden Stool
Love the quilt like looking pattern in the above stool.  And the color of the glaze reminds me cool, refreshing water.  Perfect for holding your icy beverage or as an extra seat.

One thing missing is garden markers.  The trend on etsy seems to be using old silverware and embossing them with your veggie and herb names.  I love upcycling but just didn't like this look.  I did find these classic ceramic markers from a shop called From Artisan Hands.

Hopefully you will be inspired by the cool pool blues, the aloe shades of green and the terracotta rust colors and create something today.

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