Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Weekend!

from Little Rock Pie Cycle

It's been pretty busy here, so busy I have barely sat at my computer! I currently am working on an order of aprons for a fabulous restaurant in Nantucket called Cru.   Cru is an oyster bar and restaurant located right on the water on this tiny little island.  If you have been reading my blog you may know I worked in Nantucket while in college and now visit there every summer.  I also was married there.  Once I finish the apron order I will be posting a similar apron tutorial.  In the meantime, with this gorgeous weather here in NYC and maybe because I am now 9 months preggers, I have been in a total pie eating mood.  Yes pie. And today a friend on facebook posted an article about her new business, baking pies!

photo from Arkansas Times

I met Hannah Moore at Purl Soho.  We worked together for a few months, and like many Purl employees she is an artist and creator.  She moved back to Little Rock Arkansas with her husband last fall.  I thought she would look for a teaching position while she created her art but today I find out she has been pedaling her goods.   Baked goods.  Look at those tasty pies above!  The pies are hand held single serving pies, in fruit flavors and she uses local ingredients when possible.
She posts her location on her facebook page for the upcoming Saturday on where you can find her, her bicycle and the tasty homemade pies.
If you live in Little Rock be sure to hunt her down and check out this recent article in Arkansas Times.  Good luck Hannah!

photo from Arkansas Times

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