Thursday, February 23, 2012

Martha has done it again!

Ok so Martha Stewart has done it again. What exactly? Of course bring her and her team's talents to another licensor. Martha has teamed up with Avery Labels and now has an office line at Staples. I was so excited to see the ad in this month's Living plus a 40% off coupon on one item. Let me tell you why. Last year, end of year, I was looking for a calendar journal. I wasn't finding one and when I finally did the price was outrageous and it didn't have what I needed, basically the right size day/month pages.  It's been a tad frustrating. I never found one so I have been printing out google calendar pages. That can only go so far.

Yesterday I visited Staples and of course loved it! There is one aisle and I circled it a few times like a hawk.  I ended up buying, in my favorite color I might add, a mini binder, the calendar pages, removable color coding labels, note pages, plastic pockets and a zip lock type bag.  I am feeling extremely organized! 
Tried to get a complete shot of all the purchases.
Removable color coded stickies

Nice size squares on the calendar and a little space on the side to write extra notes. See the tabs on the side? Those can be written on and easily erased. Similar to a dry erase board.

Zip lock type bag for swatches of fabric or business cards I collect.

Not just regular plastic pocket but top loading with a flap so important style sheets don't fall out.

There are many more accessories to keep life organized. In addition there are adorable notebooks with fun prints, folders, and so many types of labels for food jars, storage containers, linen closets I just had to not buy any. Those will be next time. I couldn't choose!

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