Friday, February 10, 2012

Felt Candy Hearts for V day

This is a great project to do this weekend! has posted the cutest project from Molly's Sketchbook for Valentine's day that can be given to any of your Valentine's no matter what the age. Felt Hearts that you can tuck some candy into. I worked on putting these felt bundles together and the colors are so inspiring, the bundle is called Fuschia and you can purchase it here. Yesterday at work I looked at the samples we have there and the stitching is incredibly perfect!  I am so jealous. I changed my hearts a bit. Instead of using one color of felt per heart I used two. Also just a tip, in the beginning I was using embroidery floss that was about 6 strands thick. It looks nice but it is easier to do the running stitch using 3 strands. And for those of you who do not know what a running stitch is this is how you do it.

Insert the point of the needle in and out of the fabric several times before pulling the thread through. This way you are completing a few stitches at one time. Try to keep the stitches and spaced between them small and even. 


These little treats I will be sending to my nieces and nephews. They are flat enough to pop in an envelope to mail. Hopefully the USPS won't loose them!
Happy V day!

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