Monday, May 5, 2014

Something for Mom's Day

Liberty of London patchwork bandanna - Capel

Mother's Day is coming up, it's not too late to give her something special and order it online.

For the crafty mom.  A traditional heirloom tomato pin cushion.  Each one is unique and handmade with cotton fill, wool felt cap and a variety of red, green and orange prints.  Because each heirloom tomato is unique right?

For the cooking mom.  A traditional Butcher's Apron based off of a French style.  A beautifully woven cotton linen fabric with adjustable neck tie and double sided pockets.  The linen cotton will keep Mom cool in the hot kitchen. 

Every chef needs to pull their hair back while they are working.  Why not gift your Mom a gorgeous Liberty of London patchwork bandanna.  Finished in neon pink stitching, this light weight cotton lawn bandanna can be machine washed and will last a lifetime.  

I love these bandannas because you can wear them in the kitchen, at the beach or all day on a bad hair day! Or just because they are pretty!

You can buy all of these things in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

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