Wednesday, May 14, 2014

16 Hours of Sewing

16 hours of sewing... well not really.  I just completed teaching another session of Introduction to Sewing 1 Intensive at the Sewing Studio in Manhattan.  I am always so impressed with the results.  These students started four weeks ago knowing nothing about sewing, fabric, patterns, grain, zippers and measuring the body.   Grain? like 7 grain bread?  No. 

I taught them how to use a machine, how to wind a bobbin,  we moved on how to make a drawstring bag and how to make a zipper pouch.  And their final project, picking a pattern and making a skirt that has a zipper.  It was 4 weeks long and it went by so fast.  These were the results. Here are 3 skirts, 3 varieties.  All have a zipper, darts and was adjusted to fit the sewist. 

I am so happy and impressed with these ladies.  They were a great group to spend a Saturday afternoon with.

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