Thursday, May 8, 2014

Liberty Love for the Moms

I always have a hard time coming up with something for my mom for Mother's Day.  First of all she is difficult to buy for and secondly after so many years what do I give her that's new and different?

What will she like? What will she appreciate? What will she use? What will she enjoy? What what what? It is exhausting.

Growing up in a somewhat suburban/rural area, exposure to things was not a regular thing.  When I started working in design and learned about Liberty of London fabrics I immediately fell in love.  The softness of the fabric and the beautiful, completely unique designs is what makes them so desired.  I gifted my mom at Christmas a lap blanket using a Liberty print on one side.  And success, she actually uses it and likes it.  My dad likes it too for his morning naps.

Now that it's Mother's Day why not give another Liberty gift.  Here are 3 items from my Etsy shop that are uniquely Liberty and useful!

Something small.  Very few people use hankies or pocket squares but why not? It is environmentally friendly after all.  My pocket squares are a hot seller, but they can also be used as a hankie.

Loden print with finished edges

Have a mom that likes to cook or garden? Or keep that hair pulled back?  A patchwork bandanna.

Pink flower Mauvey Patchwork Bandanna

Or for the mom who likes to entertain, double sided napkins.  Now in two choices of prints, Strawberry Thief or Wiltshire.

my favorite the Strawberry Thief in green olive

Wiltshire in pink

Something for every mom, a little liberty love. Just visit my Etsy Shop!

Happy Mother's Day!

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