Monday, March 17, 2014

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Being half Irish-American I feel an obligation to do something to celebrate my heritage on this day!  Here are a few green things that caught my attention in the past few days.  Starting with a lovable friend to many... Kermit. 
Photo from the NY Times
This past Friday in the NY Times was an article about the new Muppets movie coming out.  How I look forward to when Harper is old enough to enjoy these types of flicks.  Kermit the frog has an impostor, an evil twin named Constantine.  Another reason to check out the movie, Tina Fey is in it and with a German accent. Oh boy!

Whiskey is an Irish favorite and on of my latest favorite websites, Food52, I spotted these hand blown glasses made in Seattle. 

Handblown whiskey glasses from Food52
Why not enjoy some Jameson tonight?

How about some colorful cabbage? Spotted on Martha Stewart, since I am not a big fan of corned beef, having some colorful cabbage is a good way to give a nod to the Emerald Isle.

roasted mixed cabbages from
There is a new Irish bar opening in my neighborhood.  Although I usually do not like to partake in the festivities on St. Pat's day (too many people are out getting drunk), Andy and I may visit this new bar to toast my heritage.  Then come home, have some turkey reubens with a potato dish and maybe a Jameson. 

How will you be celebrating?
However are celebrate I hope you have a lovely St. Patrick's Day!

Tracey O'Toole

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