Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft Monday: Lace Collar Necklaces, Delicate Sophistication

From EPUU on Etsy

Independent collars remind me of dickies.  Dickies remind me of my mother.  I think she may have made me wear one when I was younger, which was traumatic.  Ok I am not talking about Dickies the clothing brand, but rather the mid century sleeveless and bodiless turtlenecks.

See the dickey thru the sweater? Thanks theNatos blog for the photo.  I watched this movie twice over the holidays. My sister didn't get why I think it is so funny.

But let me move onto something I find very pretty, delicate and a new trend. 
I opened up Etsy one day and saw this beautiful collar made of handwoven lace.  From designer EPUU in Turkey these beautiful vintage inspired pretty.  Not at all cheesey, in my mind, like dickies.  Of course this is just my opinion, I am sure dickies were quite popular among my mother's generation.  And Randy Quaid's character in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

A few years ago when I was designing mens sportswear full time, I received a shirt sample from a factory in Korea.  They were looking for business and factories will send samples to show off their work.  Well this sample was a sweater with a woven shirt collar sewn into it.  It just didn't work.  It's interesting, it seems on mens clothing the dickey or collars alone just don't work.  However for women, like above or below, a single collar can look so unique and Victorian in a very simple and sophisticated way.

Lace Peter Pan Collar from Luminia

The above collar is from Luminia on Etsy. It is handmade lace with a black satin collar.  The floral details will look so pretty on a basic knit or woven top.

On Burdastyle I found this very pretty lace collar.  If you follow the link you will land at Mod Cloth which is another fave website of mine. 

lace collar from Burdastyle

I love the lace collar because it is a simple, different and an economical way to change up a top.

Now, I just need to learn how to crochet lace!

Happy Crafting and Happy Monday!


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