Monday, May 14, 2012

What's been going on? Vintage Nautical.

For those of you who write blogs some of you know that sometimes it's hard to do. Life gets away. We should make time. I tell myself just schedule a time.  So I decided Monday mornings, Wednesdays and shoot for a third day. Two weeks have gotten away from me. It's frustrating but I have had lot of good things going on.  I work four days out of the week at Purl Soho.  Then I dedicate the other 3 days to designing and creating my own product and designing menswear when a gig comes up. The one line I work on is called Smiths American Workwear. Then in that little amount of free time I also teach sewing. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing a good job at balancing everything. Do you ever feel like that? The past two weeks have been abnormally crazy because we moved into a new home. A full two floors with a back yard and garden I am dying to spend time in. The blog has been on my mind, I think what can I write about that will be interesting. Then I thought well I will tell you I have had a few big things, cool things happening in my professional life.
Right now I am working on an order of aprons for a new restaurant in Nantucket called Cru.  I am very excited about this project because of the inspiration and direction and style! Cru is taking over a location right on the water. If you have been to Nantucket there are not alot of these.

Jane, one of the owners, is the person I have been working with. The style is vintage yacht, leather, antique brass, the staff will be wearing very fashionable yet understated denim for their uniforms and I will be making the aprons for the servers.  I did some brief research to get in the mood.
vintage nautical life rings from

found these on a blog called Anthology
Seastyle on etsy

I love working on projects like this. I showed Jane some fabrics to choose from. We are playing around with stripes, a fabric called essex from Robert Kaufman, canvases and nautical themed trims.
I will report more on this on a later date. I sent some sketches to start with.

essex yarndyed from Robert Kaufman at Purl Soho
These are some swatches from my designs. 

These fabrics above are a nice cotton and canvas weight. Essex is great for tea towels, aprons, and a great replacement for anything denim.

Hope I inspired you to go get some nautical for your home, garden or yourself this summer.

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