Monday, May 21, 2012


I find myself completely lacking of what to write and other times I think omg I need to write about this. Maybe I shouldn't see this blogging thing like that but just a way to keep my creative ideas and craftiness in check.  Working on lots of projects lately and my head is just all over the place.  My aprons that I worked on for a restaurant in Nantucket were a hit but the fabric is lacking. The fabric we wanted to use I can't get for 9 weeks.  As I write this now I am working on some menswear I need to email today. I just need to sit down and do one thing! Why is it so hard? ahhh. Well to top it off I need to email 4 pieces and the 4th file is now corrupted. What is going on? I had a great weekend!

Anyways here is the apron that was sent off last week. I am working on finding a heavier ticking stripe. I used a yellow webbing for the belt. The client was pleased! Thank god because Saturday night I had a nightmare that she didn't like it.
A little tip here, don't use all of the yellow webbing by pulling thru the waistband. I just clipped off and sewed down twice at the entrances to the waistband. This way you are saving about 12" of belt.
2 pockets size 6" wide grace the front, bar tack those at the top since these are a stress spot.  The men's aprons are the same thing but 5" longer.

So how was your weekend? Do anything crafty? Make any thing? Garden? Cook? Bake?
Please share! I would love to read about it.
I am working on our new garden in our new back yard. It is a complete blank slate. 

It's a rainy day here in Brooklyn and I just made a trip to Home Depot to buy more plants. Wish I could plant them today.

Needless to say there is lots of work to be done!

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