Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekly Colorfix: Tomato. Toe-ma-toe

Red cambridge lawn, a very light weight cotton from

My husband is Australian so of course when he orders tomato soup people usually don't understand him.  For some reason today the color tomato or toe ma toe kept popping up in my life. I'm working at my regular fabric job off site and I am choosing fabrics to create half yard bundles. These things need to be beautiful! 6 half yard pieces of fabric to create your own world, create a quilt, a bag, whatever. I put together the most peaceful dusty blue collection and one print had a bit of a tomato color in it.

 I wanted to  focus on this color but this red orange tone was not the star of my bundle, dusty blue was. It was a challenge. I figured it out and found a perfect tomato with dusty mocha polka dots on it. It all worked out.
Then I happen upon a customer, a blogger from NYC, Brett Bara, choosing some felt. She is working on a project and has to use red felt. What reds does she go with? A lovely tomato red. Tomatoes are everywhere. By the way, check out her blog, so many fun things to make!
Have I mentioned I have been gardening like crazy and am now up to 9 tomato plants?
Call it whatever you want. Red orange, tomato, tangier orange (j.crew), modern red (j.crew), red (anthro), babucshka (Akris) or sedona (gap men) or tomato toe ma toe. It's a color worth checking out.


Pantone color palette forecast

Akris at Bergdorf

J.Crew chino
Mens Gap

Tomato and coral fabrics from

J.Crew chino short

I am loving this red orange tomato color. It can border on rust, geranium, burnt red or sunburnt brick red. It is truly a lovely and beautiful shade. Can be vintage faded or rich looking silk.  I think it may be a must add to the wardrobe.

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