Monday, February 25, 2013

Brooklyn Makers: Some Good Reading

Where does inspiration come from?  As a designer and maker I find it everywhere; store windows, other's DIY in work projects, magazines, the streets and people of New York. I recently picked up a new book, not an ebook but a real book.  I enjoy turning the pages, having a hard copy in my hands, dog earring pages and making notes in the margins. This book, called Brooklyn Makers, is about numerous makers, artists, designers in Brooklyn. It is a great collection of inspiring makers.  Businesses and talents range from making pizza to making floral arrangements and making furniture.
Jennifer Causey is the author and I appreciate the way she has set up and written the book. Each section has about 3 short paragraphs giving a bio on the maker with pictures on the opposite page. The next 2 pages are more photos and a question and answer section. Living in NYC inspiration is all around us.  One of the commonly asked questions is where do you find your inspiration.

All photos taken from Brooklyn Makers Book. 

Looking to find out about happening artists in Brooklyn. Read this book! 

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