Thursday, September 6, 2012


Summer has finally come to a close and Andy and I are on our annual vacation, to Nantucket Massachusetts.  Nantucket is a quaint, far away island in the Atlantic off of Cape Cod.  I worked here during college and would visit occasionally. Seven years ago I introduced Andy to Nantucket and we have been making a regular trip here every year.  It is the one place where I am completely happy and relaxed.  It is a beautiful, old whaling island. Simply lovely just to walk around.  I've been taking lots of photos so I thought I would share some of them since I find inspiration in them maybe you will too.

love this hippo!

love the paper dress

lots of vintage rustic decoration, naturally rusted

great selection of medium weight, hardy fabrics at Nantucket
Sew and Design

I am on holiday but have been busy knitting up a birthday hat for my niece and working on a new needlepoint project. Hope to post updates on that soon!

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