Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sublime Stitching - Hand Embroidery

A few years ago I picked up this book at an Urban Outfitters called Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart. I was looking for some way to make my tea towels a bit different.  I fell in love with hand embroidery. It definitely is a labor of love and I have embroidered a fair amount of tea towels but I do find that I simply enjoy embroidering. It is quite fun and relaxing.  It is something to do with a group of friends or alone.  And there are so many designs to choose from.  It is the perfect little simple creative diddy you can add to an item and make it special.  I now follow Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching on Twitter.  The other day she posted a tweet, or rather she tweeted something and it sounded cute. I clicked on the link and this is what it was:

How adorable and only $5.00! 
Embroidery is an inexpensive craft and it is something that everyone can do.
Check out this link for more info or to purchase.

Have you embroidered anything cute lately you would like to share?

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