Friday, April 23, 2010

Gimme Some Colour!

If you haven't see the May issue of Martha Stewart Living this month you are missing out! Especially if you like color.  I personally love color. So much that I sometimes I need to make a point of buying black items of clothing to mix it up. Some great finds in Living this month:
Glassybaby- first of all I love the name!  This glass is so cool and comes in 70 colours. Also the sales of many of them go towards great causes such as cancer research at University of Washington Medical Center.  Can be used for votives or drinking.

Colored Keds! Remember keds? I had a red pair, white pair, navy pair, pink pair and khaki pair. Now in more than 35 colours the Keds Champion is also offering design your own version. Also come in mens and childrens.
Great way to start the summer! Get Happy!

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