Thursday, August 8, 2013

International Cat Day - a post to my fur babies

Today is International Cat Day!  I am embarrassed to say I didn't know there was such a day.  If you know me, you know I am a big cat lover.  For a few years I co-owned a cat rescue group, A Tail at a Time.   Before I started my own group I volunteered with another group called Anjellicle Cats.   I currently am the guardian of 3 cats Dolce, Oliver and Homer.

In 2005 Dolce and Oliver came into my life.  I thought about adopting a cat for months.  I wanted a dog but lived alone and worked long hours.  I was never a cat person!  But I really, really wanted a pet.  I found a local agency in Hells Kitchen at a pet store called Spoiled Brats.  This rescue group was called Anjellicle Cats.  I learned that NYC has an awful over population problem of cats.  Dolce and Oliver were found in the home of a woman who rescued cats.  At the time she had 30 kitties! Dolce was 4 months old and Oliver was 7 weeks.

They are bonded like biological brothers, although they are not litter mates they groom each other, sleep together and defend each other.  These furry boys made me so happy I decided I wanted to give back to the group I adopted them from and I started volunteering.

The following year I was volunteering at the cat room and one night I was cleaning the cat cages and visiting with the cats.  A momma cat was coming in from the local shelter and a cage was needed.  There was a resident cat Homer who I was a tad smitten with.  I was asked if I can take Homer for the night so this momma cat can rest and recuperate in his cage.  I said yes and this was how I started fostering.  Like many foster moms and dads, I ended up keeping my first foster.  I brought Homer to a few adoption events and people were always interested in him.  He would sit in his cage and look out with his big green eyes.  He would reach out for passersby to pet him.  I started to get a little nervous about someone else taking him.  Ok I should admit it, I became alot nervous.  After 2 events I decided I wanted to keep him. 

This was Homer in 2006 peering out of his cage.  A month later I met my husband.  Andy, my husband, and Homer always argue who came first. 

If you are considering adopting a cat you won't regret it.  Homer is now 10 years old, I can't believe it.  Dolce and Oliver are 8 years old.  All 3 of them provide the most entertainment.  Dolce is quite shy but has come out of his shell in recent years. However he will roll over for anyone willing to give him a belly rub.  Oliver, the baby, has the most beautiful fur.  He is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he is fast with catching bugs.  Ok not a task that brings money into the household but during the summer he is pretty handy with getting rid of bugs that get into the house.  And Homer is my boy, I shouldn't play favorites but he is so needy and a lover. 

 Pretty soon my non- furry baby, Harper, will be chasing after them.  That should be entertaining.  

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