Saturday, July 9, 2011

Animal Camo

I received a custom order the other day on etsy. A woman saw my animal camo mini tote. I love this fabric so much. It is so cool and fun. Of course it is Michael Miller. The woman wanted a larger tote in the same fabric, fortunately I did have enough fabric.
So I took some pics of the building process. I call this the City Tote. Living in the city I sometimes don't make it home in between errands and stops. So many times I will carry my laptop, gym clothes and regular purse stuff. This tote will hold it all!
The original pattern came from Lotta Jansdotter
I deleted a few details and added a few.

In this shot, I added heavy weight fusible nterfacing to the outside fabric to give it some stability.

The inside of the bag is built the same way as the shell. I used a canvas for the inside, to give some body and durability.

Drop the liner into the shell and added bias tape around the top.
Double needle those straps!
If you decide to make this bag and have some questions feel free to ask me!

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